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We as player are always asking questions about the best method to use while learning difficult tasks like the golf swing. There are so many sources that it is not unusual for someone to get lost. However, in a recent review of a blog by one Dr. T.J. Tomasi, my favorite teacher, I found a response to an email he had received which I thought would be good basic theory for any student of golf. I think the principle he mentions is a very good principle for players who are still searching for their individual swing. To assure that you get the best information I extracted the following entry from TJ’s website.

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One Voice: Hicks Law©
TJ Tomasi
Q: My friends know more about the swing than I do and they’re always giving me advice but sometimes they say different things and I get confused. How can I tell them to be quiet in a nice way?
Robert T from email

A: Tell them about the book “On Combat” by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, the story of what make combat warriors tick – it’s a great book and make sure to tell them about Hicks Law which is the reason they should button up when it comes to advice: the rule is “one voice” meaning that when learning skills and ingraining them as muscle memory or autopilot responses, it is important that only one way be taught.

Grossman says: “W. E. Hicks’ 1952 study found that as the possible responses increased from one to two, reaction time increased by 58 percent.  In other words having to choose between options takes time, and the more options you have, the greater the confusion and reaction time.”

If you like this message from Dr. Tomasi, I would suggest that check out his website via the link below. There you will find a series of articles about the golf swing as well as a list of his various books which I would highly recommend reading.

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