Your Life May Change…in a very good way

People like myself are always trying to stay in touch with the rules and the pending changes being considered by both the R&A and USGA. Here is a link to the weekly newsletter from JJ Keegan, Convergence Golf, that adds a heads up to pending information as well as a good link to the R&A website where, like at the USGA website, you can test your knowledge of the rules. Take the tests, add your comments and good luck. I got through easy and moderate difficulty very well, but, when it question difficulty increase to the highest level I faultered. Not bad but….

Your Life May Change…in a very good way.

Source: June Newsletter: Smile! You are on Candid Camera… – – Gmail

Take the tests and see how you fair…

Supporting the Greatest Game Ever…

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  1. Work always pays off and I think you’re writing is a great example.

  2. Study hard for these recent tests. I like the look and feel of your golf blog post.

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