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I have recently noticed that PURE Grips, a product I endorse, have started showing up on a number of clubs I work on as well as showing up in advertising on the internet. These are grips which I have exclusively used since seeing the product in 2010 are in my estimation the best grip on the market. It has a number of variable types which align with the non-corded grips on the market. Standard velvet-type grips, wrapped grips and textured grip in multiple colors are available to meet most of the clients.

The basic reasons for my endorsement come from a few basic points:

  1. The product is very easy to install as there is not taping or use of solvents to keep the product in place. The application, by using and air gun (exclusive PURE Grip gun is recommended), can be done anywhere you have a compressor also allows for quick removal. This helps me in fitting clients to proper grips with quick adjustments in size without the delay as required by tape/solvent applications.
  2. The product is not subject to the hard and slick conditions created with extended use from sweat, moisture and oils from you hand. Just take a few minutes to clean the grips with a good detergent in soapy water and dry.
  3. The product does not seem to wear out as quickly as other grips on the market. The fact that I have never had a client as for replacement within one year of the initial installation is a real money saver. I still recommend that grips be replaced annually but have seen longer wear from frequent users.

Recently noticed that a number of OEM manufacturers are not offering these grips as part of their custom upgrade service is also encouraging.

Therefore, keep this product in mind with this season ending and as you prepare for 2019…

Supporting the Great Game Ever …..

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