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If all have not yet heard, there is a number of cart manufacturers that are increasing the efficiency of their battery and charger systems wit the newer carts issued during 2018. The serial number matching and alpha phase charging coming now from Club Cart is the most prominent. This great chargers for this carts will no longer be capable of charging your buddy’s cart. You will also need to be aware of this condition should the cart require service or the charger fails. Replacements may not necessary be available for your local mechanics and the repair shop may need you charger as well as your charge.

This is only any advisory for persons acquiring newer carts during 2018 and beyond. It may save you some aggrevations later.

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Need a better grip?

I have recently noticed that PURE Grips, a product I endorse, have started showing up on a number of clubs I work on as well as showing up in advertising on the internet. These are grips which I have exclusively used since seeing the product in 2010 are in my estimation the best grip on the market. It has a number of variable types which align with the non-corded grips on the market. Standard velvet-type grips, wrapped grips and textured grip in multiple colors are available to meet most of the clients.

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Thanks to the guys at GolfWRX, here is another great article for golfers searching for their potential.

Unlocking Your Golf Potential

This is one of the better articles on the mysteries of the mind and how it functions. Especially for those of use who are still striving (i.e. 65-years later) for the ultimate in performance on the course. I recently experienced the great advise contained here by shooting a poor front nine of 48 and followed with a back nine of 36 (including a triple-bogey).

Follow the advise and you will find that golf is a much better game.

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Mizuno Iron – 2017

Thanks to the one of my favorite forum network at GolfWRX, we have a look at what maybe the next best irons from Mizuno in their MP-18 Line. They are surely looking at all the tweaks that have appeared in most of the other OEM lines over the last 2 years. Read the link below for full details.

Mizuno brings the MP-18 family to Market

Better players will obviously continue to gravitate to Mizuno with this family of irons as they are surely very clean look. The nice part of this series is that they are covering all the various player needs with the multiple editions for different flight and performance characteristics.

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The latest report from appears to have just made choosing a golf ball a little harder. Are you willing to give up the name for the price? Look at the test link below for the latest comparison relating to the #1 Ball in Golf and the latest contender.

Kirkland vs Pro-V1

I have yet to play the ball but this has been added to the list of balls and products to be personally tested for a further comment on the attached link.

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Consider Your Grip

Have you ever considered how your grip affects your game. Here is an article by Thomas Golf which reviews all the various grips used by famous golfers. Discussed here are the Pros and Cons of each various grips and advise that you should review and assess if yours needs adjustment and/or consider if a change is necessary.

Pros and Cons of Every Golf Grip Style

After reviewing the linked article, if you aren’t comfortable by DIY, it may be time to search for assistance from your local golf teaching professional and get some of the training aides available to help you improve your game. If looking for assistance in south Dallas-Fort Worth area drop me a line and I will help you find the assistance you are seeking.

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Great Lessons learned during 2016 Masters

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much of the 2016 Masters and all the related events therein due to work. However, I would like to record my thoughts (even at this late time) on what I have heard and seen in replay. Before beginning any comments on the events of the day, I do want to congratulate Danny Willet on his win and I would also like to thank everyone who participated for making this year Masters another great event.

In my opinion, more comments will be written about Jordan’s breakdown that Danny’s win. Furthermore, I believe that analysis of Jordan’s play early on the back nine will be as much help to me as much as how he finished. I will never compete at Jordan’s level but I can still learn so that some day I hopefully won’t encounter a similar fate.

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The attached link is a very good source of information which one can use to research the basics for DIY (self learning) golfers. I trust the source as it is from the libary of Frank Thomas, Former USGA Director of Golf Equipment, and owner of Thomas Golf which is another place to find online equipment (i.e. Frankly Frog Putter, etc.)

Golf Info Guide

By linking to Frank’s website for review of his equip and the basic theory on golf you will find a good starting point in your golf equipment and instructional guide. I will continue to pass along information as I hear of topics and/or have discussed with people I meet with during my work week relating to which I think is interesting topics or aspects of the game.

If  you have any suggestions or would like for me to research comment on any topic for you please sign-up for the on-going blog and I will do what I can to help you find what you need. Thank you for your support and consideration.

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Practicing without boundaries: How I rediscovered my short game

Here is a link to those of us who have good intentions to improve our game. This is linked from one of my friends and neighbors in the golf industry at GolfWRX. Published by Jon Sherman

Practicing without boundaries

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Discount on Golf Training Aids

Everyone is always looking for a great source for practice aids to improve their game. Here is my favorite you can use by clicking on the link below to connect to and receive a 10% discount on any training aid you order. GTA carries a full line of products from Tour Striker, Momentus, Medicus, Eyeline Golf, IZZO, SKLZ and more! Just click the link below to receive your discount and see one of the largest number and best source of Training Aids on the web.


Should you like to discuss and/or order by phone, then call Dane toll free at 800 FOR-GARY (800-467-4879) and use promo code #244984. What ever you need in training aids at one touch.

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