The science of adding spin to your wedge shots

Here is another good article from my friends at GolfWrx. It condenses all the most recent information and electronic backup for improving that part of the short game which most golfers seek.

For as long as I can remember, golfers have been fascinated watching the professionals hit wedge shots into the green — especially when their shots land past the hole on the green, hop forward, and then zip back toward the hole. It’s a sexy shot that every golfer wants to have at his disposal. Wh…

Source: The science of adding spin to your wedge shots

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2016 Rule Changes Coming

It has always been incumbent on the ruling bodies in golf, i.e. R&A and USGA, to review the various rules of our game and make the necessary modifications to make the game better. I have faith in the members of the committees which have reviewed the conditions applicable to the rule and the best decision may Read more »

Just the tip: No More Fat Chips Think about… — Swing by Swing Golf

This is a repeat of a very good tip from David Pelz, one of golf best short game guru, via Doug Tewell at Swing by Swing. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of seeing this before, put it in my bag of tricks and have used it on many occasions. I would suggest that you take this lesson to heart and add it to your arsenal for a great step in lowering your scores.

Source: Just the tip: No More Fat Chips Think about… — Swing by Swing Golf

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Forget Back to the Future Day – 15 years ago this week golf changed forever – Telegraph

From our friends at the Telegraph in the U.K., we now have a reference commentary on the game equipment many of us use. This is relative to how the development of the Pro V1 golf ball has impacted the game.

Source: Forget Back to the Future Day – 15 years ago this week golf changed forever – Telegraph

This great product has gained tremendous acceptance with the better players. We players of a lower proficiency still need to look into the various options to improve our game. However, what we need to take away from this article is the one factor that appears in this article. That is how golf balls have impacted the distance achieved but properly fitted balls. As long as the premium players continue to get better and longer, the golf courses will change in accordance with the longer distances achieved by the increase technology we see in clubs.

Therefore, it is becoming more and more important for players to see their local clubfitters and assure that their current bag configuration is the best it can be for the greatest enjoyment of the game.

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Should golfers chip with one club or multiple clubs?

Here is a great article on chipping and pitching techniques from the gurus at GolfWRX. I fully believe that the conclusions presented in this article are correct. I have been playing this game for a long while, had instruction from teachers who I think are the best in the world and have reviewed most of the others and their principles. The following article would be great reading for anyone in the game to sharpen their conviction on the difficulties we encounter everyday in this great game.

From the articles author, “The other day, a student asked me if they should use the same club around the green or change clubs depending on the shot. My standard reply is that average golfers should always use multiple clubs. I feel that it’s easier for them to consistently repeat one swing, and merely change clubs, there…

Source: Should golfers chip with one club or multiple clubs? | GolfWRX

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New Putting Lesson: Finding The Right Line To The Hole

Due to the most critical importance of putting relative to one’s score (ususally 41-45%), I have always looked for articles that build the foundation of understanding for the process. Recently I received an article from David McKenzie, Golf State of Mind, that I think is a very good basic analysis of a critical part of the process that every player must understand as a baseline for improvement in his/her personal game.

Source: New Putting Lesson: Finding The Right Line To The Hole

Hopefully, you will find the information most helpful in establishing a plan to upgrade your physical game.

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Gimmes and Good Advise

Here is a great commentary on the responsibilities of player relative to the concession of strokes during a match. It does not have to have such international implication as we saw in Germany recently at the Solheim Cup. Where playing be the rules this advise is great outline and maybe a way to avoid those issues which could well ruin a great game, great friendship and would surely damage the game.

Read Source: Gimmes | franklygolf

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Etiquette and Rules: Golf a Fickled Game

This year’s golf competition has shown us that the game of golf is a fickled master. Without a doubt the game will rise up and bite each one of us. The reason is because the game requires players to give the greatest respect to the game’s written rules was well as the unwritten rules. That is what sets this game apart from every other sport. The sportsmanship, give and take, is what we all cherish. However, this year at the Solhiem Cup, golf gave us something to consider as to whether the game has taken a hit. Fortunately, we can all learn a lesson from the proceedings.

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Great information on better distance for all

Average Players in search of more distance should pay close attention to the following article link from GolfWRX Newsletter of Sept. 16, 2015. Since we, the average player surely cannot be one of the greatest players in the world according to the World Rankings  for many different reasons, we can take heart in the attached article to at least understand and develop our maximum potential, if only we practice what is preached, use what we are given and hone it the best level we can.

Did you know that your club speed is much more likely to resemble that of an LPGA Tour player than a PGA Tour player? Sure all golfers want to swing like Rory, Tiger, Jordan or Jason, but due to differences in swing speed that may not be optimal for you. In fact, less than 2 percent of all amateur …

Source: Hit it like a girl for more distance | GolfWRX

My Comments – Injuries are Golf’s Insidious Hazard

The attached source article from Global Golf Post, link below, is the latest in a series of comments on the conditions that are available to golfers on the practice range. We would all like to play off grass as we do on the course, however, weather and space control the primary offering by many facilities.

Having been able to practice at one of the best facility around, The PGA Center for Learning and Performace at Port St. Lucie, I found out that in less than desirable weather there was a problem with Read more »