Turning Pro Too Soon?

I know I will catch all kinds of grief for reposting this article and adding my comments but I think that people who follow my blog should know. I AGREE – Stay in school, through college, and play to refine your game!. There are far too many people out there who are looking for the quick buck and not willing to “pay the price”. This college experience is great place to take notes and be ready for the big leagues when you get there or it will tell you where you need to improve.

As the article indicates, there are exceptions to the rule, but look at the exceptions and what are the percentages. About the only direct to pros exception I can think of right away that has paid dividends is Lebron James. The number of players which have made the jump are so small that statistics would consider it minuscule to say the best.

View the digital edition of Global Golf Post at the link below to see the picture and comments.

Source: Global Golf Post, August 31, 2015, (34)

I surely would like to wish Mr. Connelly the very best in his choice to take the leap, but personally I would not have advised taking the plunge nor would I recommend this path to anyone. Looking forward to all your comments, for or against.

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Review – Ben Hogan FORT WORTH 15 Irons

I have just finished my review of my play over the last 6-months with my new Ben Hogan FW15 irons and discovered this article from one of my favorite review sites. I very much in agreement with the review of this equipment by MyGolfSpy.com. I also would recommend anyone looking to returning to blade clubs include the FW15 clubs as an option. One very important part of the article I would emphasis is to insure that each player review, with their clubfitter or Hogan Golf, the shaft options and lengths of each club in the set as discussed.

Source: Review – Ben Hogan FORT WORTH 15 Irons

Hope you enjoy the articles and will return for more good information. Also be sure that if you have any comments or questions please send them along so I can help find your answer.

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Carry Distance vs. Swing Speed Chart | GolfWRX

In recent days I have seen a number player working with new radar and cell phone applications to determine their swing speed. Here is one of the better articles, from GOLFWRX Jaacob Bowden, on the virtures of swing speed effect on your club distance. The chart uses driver speed as the master point of control.

Per a suggestion in the comment section of my last article called “How Far Should You Hit Your Golf Clubs”, the purpose of this post is to summarize all of the carry distance versus swing speed data that was being discussed in to a summarized reference chart. Several things to note about the data i…

Source: Carry Distance vs. Swing Speed Chart | GolfWRX

To help I will search for a ‘swing speed chart by the club’ and add to this post.

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Does your swing fit you?

As the summer closes down and we all plan for the fall, I suggest that we look at our golf swing. There will be many opportunities over the fall and winter for us to view a list of new programs which will report to fix all your alignments. However, I would be very careful. Each person, including myself, have seen extensive numbers of people who have very good swing and those that are very bad. The most popular theory I have found in the teaching section is that the players which flip-flop from one technique to the Read more »


As a range master at the local club, I am often queried by golfers who are always looking good tips to improve their game. I constantly am referring them to the club teaching professional which is the best way for players to improve. However, in the latest email received from Doug Tewell, Swing by Swing, he included two videos which I think would help with two basic problems for most golfers and can be verified by most teaching professionals. Watch these two videos and see if they aren’t a help.

Drill #1: keep-the-clubface-square-with-this-grip-drill

Drill #2: your-swing-might-not-be-the-problem-it-might-be

There are yet other issues that each golfer must deal with and if you follow this blog I will hope that you find the direction you need to find those good solutions that are necessary for your to improve your game.

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MGS Labs – Is Longer Really Longer?

Here is an article that should be of interest all types of golfers. I have played with all lengths of drivers, starting with those at manufactured lengths, but have usually found that I must cut down my driver. My current driver which is a Taylormade R-1 Blacks is playing at 43.5″ in length with a swingweight of D-1. With my driver swing speed, verified on both Flightscope and by Speed Radar at 99mph, I have a typical carry distance of about 248yds, roll out distance 265-270 and varies by course layout and design.

Source: MGS Labs – Is Longer Really Longer?

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2015 Blade Iron Shootout | GolfWRX

Here is one of the best articles on Blade Irons I have run across in a long time. Great reading and great information about the most sought irons by the best players at every golf venue.

Read more »

Jordan Spieth – Heading for History?

With the golf world watching Jordan Spieth there are a number of people who are wondering how the next episode will turn out. The link below shows a perspective of the possibility of the Open Championship landing on Jordan’s resume.

Source: Golf World – July 13, 2015 – Page 16

This will be a good reference article to keep in your binder as a reference to the assault on the game’s greatest individual goal.. The Grand Slam. Here is best wishes to Jordan on his assault.

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5 Myths about Golf Balls

Here is a good article for all golfers written by Bill Morgan of Titleist R&D Department for LINKS Magazine. After reading this article you may also be interested in connecting with LINKS Magazine as outlined below.

Source: LINKS Magazine – July HOTLINKS – Page 22

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Course Management to better Scores

Every golfer, like a good fighter pilot, is required to review and evaluate his game and by finding his deficiencies can affect a change to improve his scores. In this post I have re-examined some old information and found a great post by Jack Moorehouse, How to Break 80, on 4 very common situations we find in most rounds. By following his advise you can identify some common exposures that will reduce your scores.
Read the article linked below to find at a guide to help you improve how you attack least 4 types of holes we encounter in most rounds.

Four Common Blow-up Holes

Improve you method of attack here and improve your game.

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