Book Review – Commentary on the A-Swing

Reading about the golf swing and trying to keep in touch with all the new innovations is enormous. The most recent release I ran across is the swing assessment in David Ledbetter’s latest book. In reading that book I concluded the just about the same thing as some others to whom I have made reference here earlier. This is a good read and good assessment can be found in the link below.

Unraveling this method will be of interest to some in the golf. I think that the method described is a little less othodox that what is taught by most of the principal teachers. But unorthodox cannot be all that bad when you are Jim Furyk. Remember getting to the point of impact with the club in the correct position is the common thread throughout teaching of all good golf instructors and the aim of every golfer.

Golf Swing Tips For Any Level Of Play

To study how to boost a golf swing is the Holy Grail of golfing. The swing is a complex method and unlocking the techniques to reducing poor routines or building better types is an issue of identifying predicament regions and instructing your muscle tissues to accomplish various projects. Easy in principle and a lot more challenging in actuality, a golf swing is the golfer’s most effective weapon for strengthening ability and accuracy.

How to develop a golfing swing does not change as you age and is not a make a difference of acquiring all of the most up-to-date, latest, most highly-priced devices and trinkets. It is a straightforward issue of fitness. Lots of golfers do not want to imagine this, mainly because forking out $500 seems simpler, and faster than constructing power, strength, endurance, versatility and other facets of a wholesome, suit entire body.
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How to Break 80 Program

Most every golfer today is in search of any theory or programs that will give them a short path to a better golf game. In lieu of getting first hand professional instruction, there are a number of instructional self-help programs that give you the outline of good technique. A number of big name instructors, any many lesser knows, have presented their theory. Below is a link to one of those instructional programs that I have followed and support because it is applicable to such a large cross-section of golfers, such as those I see during my golf lessons.

The program outline has a good structure to follow as well as a good source of basic information that any player can use for getting a better golf swing. In this program with some diligent study, you will gain the understanding the various points needed to become a better golfer. As good as the program is, it should be noted that there is no substitute to getting first hand one-on-one instruction.

How to Break 80 Link

Additioinally, you should remember to click on training aids for discounts on training aid materials referenced in the above program.

Joint the site and send along any questions you may have so I can find you an answer or direct you to someone to assist.

Supporting the Greatest Game Ever…

Golf Training Aids – Best Source

For people who are looking for gadgets for improving their game I would recommend going to at the link below to see some of the most effective aides I have seen. The people at are very help full and extremely knowledgable. By personal experience I have tried most of these items and currently I am using Game Golf to help dial my distance chart for my new irons.

Clicking on the link below will get you a 10% discount on any products purchased.

Golf Training Aids

Supporting the Greatest Game Ever

What is a cleek

In order for you to understand the creation of this website title, I have included some insite to the historical significance of the terms I have used for my moniker ‘cleekgeek’.  And since I have played this game for 60 years, I assume that everyone will understand my passion for the game and get the ‘geek’ part of the title. Thanks to golf sources noted for their help..

Definition: Among historical (wooden-shafted, pre-20th Century) golf clubs, the cleek was an iron with a very narrow face and little loft most commonly associated with today’s 1-irons. Cleeks came in variations, too. There was the “wooden cleek,” (my favorite) a club also of little loft but with a wooden head (historically equivalent to a 4-wood). There was the “putting cleek,” which, you guessed it, was used for putting. Source: British Golf Museum

Historically, a cleek is a golfing term that referred to any wood-shafted golf club fitted with an iron club head. The head was designed as a smooth, narrow blade. The term is derived from the Scottish word cleek, which meant “a metal hook.” In modern golf, cleek can refer to two different type of clubs: a 1-iron and a 4-wood.

Modern text on golf clubs included these additional paragraphs to affirm the definition.

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Have a damaged Golf club? Hire reliable reliable golf repair services

Professional golf players normally acquire the best golf clubs to enable them take good strokes like Tiger woods. The only drawback is that, these golf clubs normally acquire damages due to poor quality or regular usage. The best move to make when having a damaged club is to hire quality golf club repair services. Those who offer such services can easily be found, but you must ensure to pick the most competent one.

Playing golf with a damaged club is not advised because it can cause injuries. The player would also not be able to take accurate shots even if his swings are correct. So, it is highly advised to seek repair services whenever your golf club seems damaged.

Those who are offering repair services can easily be found as golfing have become a major sport. What needs to be clear is that, not all service providers can help with quality repairs. For this reason, it is highly recommended to conduct an in depth search. This gives you an opportunity of finding the most renowned service provider whose work is of quality.

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How to develop your golfing techniques

Golf is rapidly turning into a standout amongst the most mainstream games amongst sports enthusiasts around the world; an expanding number of individuals from all edges of society are finding that there are parts of the amusement that engage them. Whether its the pure landscape or the social time that draws you into the game there’s probably you would appreciate it more in the event that you were better at it. Shockingly mastering golf methods is not so much a clear process and the expectations to absorb information can shift from player to player.

At the point when learning everybody will have diverse strategies for their amusement and distinctive systems for their shots, its just regular. Lamentably this does imply that there isn’t one situated path for individuals to learn and thusly some may adjust quicker than others to the diversion. For any individual who is beginning it is more than enticing to play to your qualities as opposed to your shortcomings, clearly this will issue you a superior amusement and hence a touch of an inner self help. However when you’re honing this isn’t essentially the best way to deal with take, it is significantly more valuable to distinguish your shortcomings and chip away at them. For example if your swing is deficient in system then simply invest a time of energy taking a shot at that alone.
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A Short List of the Most Common Golfing Equipment

For an individual to completely appreciate any game, it would be best for him to have the correct equipment. Golf is only one of those games that oblige an individual to know the various types of golfing equipment if an individual needs to totally comprehend the amusement. Here you will find information on Attire, the ball, the club, the marker and golf bag. Have fun reading.

Golf Attire

All the golf extents have their own arrangement of golf clothing standards. An individual can’t simply enter a golf range with whatever clothing and expect that he would be allowed to play. In spite of the fact that the clothing regulation relies on upon the golf extend, the all inclusive arrangement of golf clothing is a clean captured polo shirt and golf pants. A golfer ought to abstain from wearing pants and payload jeans to the field. Elastic shoes are likewise not permitted inside, as they have a tendency to destroy the grass. A decent match of golf shoes is exceedingly prescribed.

Golf Ball

This golfing equipment is a little ball that is secured with dimples. This is regularly white however there are likewise golf balls accessible in splendid neon hues, to make it less demanding for the golfer to find these.

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