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Mizuno Iron – 2017

Thanks to the one of my favorite forum network at GolfWRX, we have a look at what maybe the next best irons from Mizuno in their MP-18 Line. They are surely looking at all the tweaks that have appeared in most of the other OEM lines over the last 2 years. Read the link below for full details.

Mizuno brings the MP-18 family to Market

Better players will obviously continue to gravitate to Mizuno with this family of irons as they are surely very clean look. The nice part of this series is that they are covering all the various player needs with the multiple editions for different flight and performance characteristics.

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Hogan’s FW15 HI Irons – Game Changer

You have seen it here before. Now it is confirmed that Hogan Golf’s newest iron is trying to change the game again.

My friends at MySpyGolf recently published review of these new irons by Terry Koehler from Hogan Golf which you can read below. This article would be of great interest to the players who are interested in maintaining the ‘traditional iron’ look to their complete set but getting the performance of that current utility club.

With the opportunity to hit these irons early in the introduction process was very exciting and I have been awaiting the chance to put at least one in my bag. Better players need to take a look at these along with the other great irons in the class to determine if it is best for you.

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Ben Hogan Golf – New Equip on old Principles

There are a great number of new golf equipment companies which make various claims. Some are valid and some are not. However, I believe that any serious golfer today should include the new BEN HOGAN COMPANY for consideration. They have managed to bring the principles of Mr. Hogan along with many new club design theories in their list of products for the coming year. Expansion of the line in 2016 includes a number of new models as well as a new hybrid.

If you are serious about new equipment, take the time and visit the site link below to get all the latest details on what I consider one of the better OEM lines in the business.

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2015 Blade Iron Shootout | GolfWRX

Here is one of the best articles on Blade Irons I have run across in a long time. Great reading and great information about the most sought irons by the best players at every golf venue.

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