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The August 08th issue of Global Golf Post – The August 08 issue of Global Golf Post (see link below) has published the latest in a series of golf related stories which expound the problems with slow play. It appears that the methods used at the local club level are outside the understanding of the various professional organizations and the players who continue to commit these problems. Therefore, I suggest that the answer is in the documentation that is given to the players are the tee. Attached to the pin sheets should be a simple listing of times from tee time to finish of the hole.
There is No Sweetness in a Snail’s Pace

A player would then know that from the first tee when he must complete the hole. The time is consistent for every player and builds an allowable buffer should the player have problems. If the player is fortunate to enough to make better than par on the hole the time will build and allow for extra time on the next hole should trouble be incurred. This would hold the time of play at a consistent standard and every one would know the format for completion.

Most marshal’s around the country at every golf course handles this problem with ease and professionalism within the framework of daily play. There will always be problems with players who push the envelope and play much faster than time the framework but being in contact with the group in front of you is never a problem and we can avoid the creating idiots which created last week’s U-Tube video.

If you have any comments, please sign in yourself and forward comments on this article for everyone to better understand the benefits of knowing the rules and advancing the game of golf.

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It was recently published in most of the golf media that the USGA and R&A are working on a simplification of the rules. I know that everyone has a opinion and would like to share my comments I sent along. I would hope that everyone who reads this would add their comments and opinions.

The following letter is what I sent along to the committee members:

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Over the past weekend we saw the finish of the 2016 version of the US Open put on by the USGA and one of the outstanding clubs, Oakmont CC. This was another example of how the elite players of the world are tested under extreme conditions. Congratulations to Dustin Johnson for winning the tournament as well as all the player who made the first tee on Thursday (whether or not they made Sunday) and gave us a great show.

However, I would like to comment on the fiasco on Sunday which the USGA cause all by themselves. Read more »


Additional statistics for golfer to ponder. Friends at had published the supplement to 2016 – Overall Golf Performance by Handicap on May 3rd about our great golf game. In review there are may ways you can determine the final outcome. However should we take the information at face value we can see that the better players appear to play where there are more courses.

2016 Report – Overall Golf Performance by State

In review of the comments there are surely ways to change the justification of the reasons that your area is not #1 on the list (or any higher placement). Since there are those that question the statistics origin and validity, I would also content that persons are out there that have questions several official sites. My justification for this is the proposition by the USGA relative to golfers submitting unattested rounds for consideration on their handicap.

I fall on the side that submission of a round for consideration of handicap should only be a valid round under the rules. I personally don’t submit rounds for my handicap in which I have not played every shot ‘by the rules (IMO)’ on a valid course. Would look forward to comments.

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The attached link is a very good source of information which one can use to research the basics for DIY (self learning) golfers. I trust the source as it is from the libary of Frank Thomas, Former USGA Director of Golf Equipment, and owner of Thomas Golf which is another place to find online equipment (i.e. Frankly Frog Putter, etc.)

Golf Info Guide

By linking to Frank’s website for review of his equip and the basic theory on golf you will find a good starting point in your golf equipment and instructional guide. I will continue to pass along information as I hear of topics and/or have discussed with people I meet with during my work week relating to which I think is interesting topics or aspects of the game.

If  you have any suggestions or would like for me to research comment on any topic for you please sign-up for the on-going blog and I will do what I can to help you find what you need. Thank you for your support and consideration.

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Every parent is interested in wondering how they should handle their children when it comes to learning skills and developing those young minds. Parents and children should take the advise of our most prominent local Texas golf hero, Jordan Spieth.

The book title is “Jordan Spieth: Golf Prodigy to Golf Phenomenon” and has just been recently published Rebel Reads.

I just finished this book on him (i.e. a very short biography but what else would you expect at this time in his life) and I am really interested in watching the details develop.

We all want to know how hard to push our children and when. The great part of the book is how he and his family answered these questions. Also answered and well documented in book on Jordan’s life are some good advise on handling off-course life.  I would encourage everyone to read the book available from Amazon. (I got mine for Kindle).

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Honesty and Intergrity most of the world has forgotten…

Congratulations Mateo. It is important for everyone in golf to understand not only the rules but the intent of the rules and how it affects our life. Here is the latest example of lessons learned and righteous decisions made to honor the game of golf and those they play the game.

Trophy returned upon scorecard mistake discovery

This level of honesty has been lost in most of the worldly endeavors as seen daily in the news. However, it has always been said that the children shall lead us in seeing the right things when given a good basis for making good decisions.

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2016 Rule Changes Coming

It has always been incumbent on the ruling bodies in golf, i.e. R&A and USGA, to review the various rules of our game and make the necessary modifications to make the game better. I have faith in the members of the committees which have reviewed the conditions applicable to the rule and the best decision may Read more »

Gimmes and Good Advise

Here is a great commentary on the responsibilities of player relative to the concession of strokes during a match. It does not have to have such international implication as we saw in Germany recently at the Solheim Cup. Where playing be the rules this advise is great outline and maybe a way to avoid those issues which could well ruin a great game, great friendship and would surely damage the game.

Read Source: Gimmes | franklygolf

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Etiquette and Rules: Golf a Fickled Game

This year’s golf competition has shown us that the game of golf is a fickled master. Without a doubt the game will rise up and bite each one of us. The reason is because the game requires players to give the greatest respect to the game’s written rules was well as the unwritten rules. That is what sets this game apart from every other sport. The sportsmanship, give and take, is what we all cherish. However, this year at the Solhiem Cup, golf gave us something to consider as to whether the game has taken a hit. Fortunately, we can all learn a lesson from the proceedings.

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