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My friends at MyGolfSpy have again hit a home run for the evaluation of golf balls. This study is way overdue and every golfer needs to understand what the report says so that they can help their game in a similar way we change clubs to help our game.
See the full report at the link provided to help improve your game.

I am currently under review of the written data herein printed and a physical examination of the data results. Hope this nudge will help you do the same.
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The latest report from appears to have just made choosing a golf ball a little harder. Are you willing to give up the name for the price? Look at the test link below for the latest comparison relating to the #1 Ball in Golf and the latest contender.

Kirkland vs Pro-V1

I have yet to play the ball but this has been added to the list of balls and products to be personally tested for a further comment on the attached link.

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Roll Players: New Golf Balls for 2016

Thanks to Golf Magazine and author Rob Sauerhaft, at the link below, you will find a good examination of the newest golf balls models available on the market for 2016 which could improve your game. In my estimation each player should take the time to review new editions of their current balls and any reasonably close ball in the same category. That is to say that, 1) slow swingers should look at most of the new low compression balls which offer greater distance; 2) Better players should look at the premium balls for these categories and 3) don’t forget the possibility of fashion color choices for each of the types of balls.

Roll Players – New Golf Balls for 2016

Hopefully, interested golfers will review the list and find that ball which is good for your game.

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MyGolfSpy has again published a very creditable report on small brand equipment manufacturers. Here is any examination of the other than name brand golf balls, usually sold direct by small brand manufacturers, which players may choose as an alternative to professional grade balls to help improve their games. Read the link below Buyers Guide for complete information.

Direct to Consumer Golf Ball Buyers Guide

Using this report and properly assessing you golf game you may well find the best ball for you and possibly save yourself some money. However, I present this with one caveat, be advised that I in no way would discourage using balls the pros use if it is improves your game in the same manner that it maximizes the game of our favorite pros.

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How Far Should You Hit Your Golf Clubs? | GolfWRX

It is now getting close to the opening of the 2016 golf season. All players should be looking to review their clubs, grips and yardages. Here is another reference for comparison relative to the distance you hit the golf ball from GolfWRX newsletter of August 22, 2015. The documents and graphs contained are truly a great reference for the average golfer.

One of the nice things about having all this new fancy technological equipment like Trackman, Flightscope, ShotLink, etc., at various PGA Tour events is that distance data can be gathered for each of the players. In case you haven’t come across it already, here are the approximate Trackman carry d…

Source: How Far Should You Hit Your Golf Clubs? | GolfWRX

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Forget Back to the Future Day – 15 years ago this week golf changed forever – Telegraph

From our friends at the Telegraph in the U.K., we now have a reference commentary on the game equipment many of us use. This is relative to how the development of the Pro V1 golf ball has impacted the game.

Source: Forget Back to the Future Day – 15 years ago this week golf changed forever – Telegraph

This great product has gained tremendous acceptance with the better players. We players of a lower proficiency still need to look into the various options to improve our game. However, what we need to take away from this article is the one factor that appears in this article. That is how golf balls have impacted the distance achieved but properly fitted balls. As long as the premium players continue to get better and longer, the golf courses will change in accordance with the longer distances achieved by the increase technology we see in clubs.

Therefore, it is becoming more and more important for players to see their local clubfitters and assure that their current bag configuration is the best it can be for the greatest enjoyment of the game.

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Great information on better distance for all

Average Players in search of more distance should pay close attention to the following article link from GolfWRX Newsletter of Sept. 16, 2015. Since we, the average player surely cannot be one of the greatest players in the world according to the World Rankings  for many different reasons, we can take heart in the attached article to at least understand and develop our maximum potential, if only we practice what is preached, use what we are given and hone it the best level we can.

Did you know that your club speed is much more likely to resemble that of an LPGA Tour player than a PGA Tour player? Sure all golfers want to swing like Rory, Tiger, Jordan or Jason, but due to differences in swing speed that may not be optimal for you. In fact, less than 2 percent of all amateur …

Source: Hit it like a girl for more distance | GolfWRX

5 Myths about Golf Balls

Here is a good article for all golfers written by Bill Morgan of Titleist R&D Department for LINKS Magazine. After reading this article you may also be interested in connecting with LINKS Magazine as outlined below.

Source: LINKS Magazine – July HOTLINKS – Page 22

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A Short List of the Most Common Golfing Equipment

For an individual to completely appreciate any game, it would be best for him to have the correct equipment. Golf is only one of those games that oblige an individual to know the various types of golfing equipment if an individual needs to totally comprehend the amusement. Here you will find information on Attire, the ball, the club, the marker and golf bag. Have fun reading.

Golf Attire

All the golf extents have their own arrangement of golf clothing standards. An individual can’t simply enter a golf range with whatever clothing and expect that he would be allowed to play. In spite of the fact that the clothing regulation relies on upon the golf extend, the all inclusive arrangement of golf clothing is a clean captured polo shirt and golf pants. A golfer ought to abstain from wearing pants and payload jeans to the field. Elastic shoes are likewise not permitted inside, as they have a tendency to destroy the grass. A decent match of golf shoes is exceedingly prescribed.

Golf Ball

This golfing equipment is a little ball that is secured with dimples. This is regularly white however there are likewise golf balls accessible in splendid neon hues, to make it less demanding for the golfer to find these.

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