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Just the tip: No More Fat Chips Think about… — Swing by Swing Golf

This is a repeat of a very good tip from David Pelz, one of golf best short game guru, via Doug Tewell at Swing by Swing. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of seeing this before, put it in my bag of tricks and have used it on many occasions. I would suggest that you take this lesson to heart and add it to your arsenal for a great step in lowering your scores.

Source: Just the tip: No More Fat Chips Think about… — Swing by Swing Golf

Supporting the Greatest Game Ever…


Have a damaged Golf club? Hire reliable reliable golf repair services

Professional golf players normally acquire the best golf clubs to enable them take good strokes like Tiger woods. The only drawback is that, these golf clubs normally acquire damages due to poor quality or regular usage. The best move to make when having a damaged club is to hire quality golf club repair services. Those who offer such services can easily be found, but you must ensure to pick the most competent one.

Playing golf with a damaged club is not advised because it can cause injuries. The player would also not be able to take accurate shots even if his swings are correct. So, it is highly advised to seek repair services whenever your golf club seems damaged.

Those who are offering repair services can easily be found as golfing have become a major sport. What needs to be clear is that, not all service providers can help with quality repairs. For this reason, it is highly recommended to conduct an in depth search. This gives you an opportunity of finding the most renowned service provider whose work is of quality.

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A Short List of the Most Common Golfing Equipment

For an individual to completely appreciate any game, it would be best for him to have the correct equipment. Golf is only one of those games that oblige an individual to know the various types of golfing equipment if an individual needs to totally comprehend the amusement. Here you will find information on Attire, the ball, the club, the marker and golf bag. Have fun reading.

Golf Attire

All the golf extents have their own arrangement of golf clothing standards. An individual can’t simply enter a golf range with whatever clothing and expect that he would be allowed to play. In spite of the fact that the clothing regulation relies on upon the golf extend, the all inclusive arrangement of golf clothing is a clean captured polo shirt and golf pants. A golfer ought to abstain from wearing pants and payload jeans to the field. Elastic shoes are likewise not permitted inside, as they have a tendency to destroy the grass. A decent match of golf shoes is exceedingly prescribed.

Golf Ball

This golfing equipment is a little ball that is secured with dimples. This is regularly white however there are likewise golf balls accessible in splendid neon hues, to make it less demanding for the golfer to find these.

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