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Report – Overall Golf Performance by Handicap

Have you ever wondered how your game compares to your playing partners? Now, you can see a statistical report that supports your game performance. Again friends at have complied a great report for you to use in evaluating your game and gives you information for your local discussion boards with fellow golf enthusiasts. Look at the link below to see the facts about your game of golf.

Overall Golf Performance by Handicap

Included here you will find all the points of comparison for you to review your game and find any places where you can improve. Great information for you starts to improve the game.

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Should golfers chip with one club or multiple clubs?

Here is a great article on chipping and pitching techniques from the gurus at GolfWRX. I fully believe that the conclusions presented in this article are correct. I have been playing this game for a long while, had instruction from teachers who I think are the best in the world and have reviewed most of the others and their principles. The following article would be great reading for anyone in the game to sharpen their conviction on the difficulties we encounter everyday in this great game.

From the articles author, “The other day, a student asked me if they should use the same club around the green or change clubs depending on the shot. My standard reply is that average golfers should always use multiple clubs. I feel that it’s easier for them to consistently repeat one swing, and merely change clubs, there…

Source: Should golfers chip with one club or multiple clubs? | GolfWRX

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Gimmes and Good Advise

Here is a great commentary on the responsibilities of player relative to the concession of strokes during a match. It does not have to have such international implication as we saw in Germany recently at the Solheim Cup. Where playing be the rules this advise is great outline and maybe a way to avoid those issues which could well ruin a great game, great friendship and would surely damage the game.

Read Source: Gimmes | franklygolf

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Great information on better distance for all

Average Players in search of more distance should pay close attention to the following article link from GolfWRX Newsletter of Sept. 16, 2015. Since we, the average player surely cannot be one of the greatest players in the world according to the World Rankings  for many different reasons, we can take heart in the attached article to at least understand and develop our maximum potential, if only we practice what is preached, use what we are given and hone it the best level we can.

Did you know that your club speed is much more likely to resemble that of an LPGA Tour player than a PGA Tour player? Sure all golfers want to swing like Rory, Tiger, Jordan or Jason, but due to differences in swing speed that may not be optimal for you. In fact, less than 2 percent of all amateur …

Source: Hit it like a girl for more distance | GolfWRX

My Comments – Injuries are Golf’s Insidious Hazard

The attached source article from Global Golf Post, link below, is the latest in a series of comments on the conditions that are available to golfers on the practice range. We would all like to play off grass as we do on the course, however, weather and space control the primary offering by many facilities.

Having been able to practice at one of the best facility around, The PGA Center for Learning and Performace at Port St. Lucie, I found out that in less than desirable weather there was a problem with Read more »

Turning Pro Too Soon?

I know I will catch all kinds of grief for reposting this article and adding my comments but I think that people who follow my blog should know. I AGREE – Stay in school, through college, and play to refine your game!. There are far too many people out there who are looking for the quick buck and not willing to “pay the price”. This college experience is great place to take notes and be ready for the big leagues when you get there or it will tell you where you need to improve.

As the article indicates, there are exceptions to the rule, but look at the exceptions and what are the percentages. About the only direct to pros exception I can think of right away that has paid dividends is Lebron James. The number of players which have made the jump are so small that statistics would consider it minuscule to say the best.

View the digital edition of Global Golf Post at the link below to see the picture and comments.

Source: Global Golf Post, August 31, 2015, (34)

I surely would like to wish Mr. Connelly the very best in his choice to take the leap, but personally I would not have advised taking the plunge nor would I recommend this path to anyone. Looking forward to all your comments, for or against.

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Does your swing fit you?

As the summer closes down and we all plan for the fall, I suggest that we look at our golf swing. There will be many opportunities over the fall and winter for us to view a list of new programs which will report to fix all your alignments. However, I would be very careful. Each person, including myself, have seen extensive numbers of people who have very good swing and those that are very bad. The most popular theory I have found in the teaching section is that the players which flip-flop from one technique to the Read more »

Jordan Spieth – Heading for History?

With the golf world watching Jordan Spieth there are a number of people who are wondering how the next episode will turn out. The link below shows a perspective of the possibility of the Open Championship landing on Jordan’s resume.

Source: Golf World – July 13, 2015 – Page 16

This will be a good reference article to keep in your binder as a reference to the assault on the game’s greatest individual goal.. The Grand Slam. Here is best wishes to Jordan on his assault.

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Important facts to note on Golf Clubs

A good arrangement of your golf clubs is the weapon of decision for the advanced golfer. A complete arrangement of clubs comprises of no less than one driver, fairway woods, irons and a putter. A few clubs lately have been supplanted with cross breed golf clubs to supplant longer irons and fairway metal woods.

The driver is the club that is most golfer’s most loved golf club, despite the fact that it is normally not utilized on every opening. The driver golf club is the longest golf club with the greatest head toward the end of the pole. This permits the golfer to hit the golf ball with the best separation, however not always the most precision. Tenets control the measure of the club head. The golf club driver will be the most expensive single golf club in the golfer’s sack.

The fairway woods have club heads that are somewhat more lobbed than the driver, and are utilized for long shots when the ball is lying on the ground. The club heads used to be made of wood, however now are basically metal.

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