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Consider Your Grip

Have you ever considered how your grip affects your game. Here is an article by Thomas Golf which reviews all the various grips used by famous golfers. Discussed here are the Pros and Cons of each various grips and advise that you should review and assess if yours needs adjustment and/or consider if a change is necessary.

Pros and Cons of Every Golf Grip Style

After reviewing the linked article, if you aren’t comfortable by DIY, it may be time to search for assistance from your local golf teaching professional and get some of the training aides available to help you improve your game. If looking for assistance in south Dallas-Fort Worth area drop me a line and I will help you find the assistance you are seeking.

Supporting the Greatest Game Ever….


The attached link is a very good source of information which one can use to research the basics for DIY (self learning) golfers. I trust the source as it is from the libary of Frank Thomas, Former USGA Director of Golf Equipment, and owner of Thomas Golf which is another place to find online equipment (i.e. Frankly Frog Putter, etc.)

Golf Info Guide

By linking to Frank’s website for review of his equip and the basic theory on golf you will find a good starting point in your golf equipment and instructional guide. I will continue to pass along information as I hear of topics and/or have discussed with people I meet with during my work week relating to which I think is interesting topics or aspects of the game.

If  you have any suggestions or would like for me to research comment on any topic for you please sign-up for the on-going blog and I will do what I can to help you find what you need. Thank you for your support and consideration.

Supporting the Greatest Game Ever….



As a range master at the local club, I am often queried by golfers who are always looking good tips to improve their game. I constantly am referring them to the club teaching professional which is the best way for players to improve. However, in the latest email received from Doug Tewell, Swing by Swing, he included two videos which I think would help with two basic problems for most golfers and can be verified by most teaching professionals. Watch these two videos and see if they aren’t a help.

Drill #1: keep-the-clubface-square-with-this-grip-drill

Drill #2: your-swing-might-not-be-the-problem-it-might-be

There are yet other issues that each golfer must deal with and if you follow this blog I will hope that you find the direction you need to find those good solutions that are necessary for your to improve your game.

Supporting the Greatest Game Ever…