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For those golfers South of Dallas-Fort Worth there is a new club repair facility. Young’s Custom Golf Styx has finally finished setup of its repair facility between Midlothian & Waxahachie, Texas.

Operation now includes basic club repair services (i.e. shaft replacement, regripping & similar work), advise on current equipment and instruction all available by appointment. More sophisticated services including higher-end clubfitting projected to be ready later in 2016.

The facility will be open by appointment only. Therefore, please email to indicating what work you require, including your contact information (email will serve as name up-front). I will replay with business card and other contact information and pricing for your project. Email will get the quickest response, however, you may text or call at 214-463-9281. Price list of services (PDF format) will be sent and you will hopefully consistent with most other providers in this area.

Thank you for your consideration.
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Again I am relying on my friends at MySpyGolf to provide the best information available for the benefit of my readers. Ever since I was introduced to Evnroll Putters at the PGA show I have been a real fan. I have help a number of the members at my club make decisions on a new putter and this type of information has been a great help. Check out the link below to get the latest information.

In 2018 it appears that again the Evnroll has topped the list again, however, a new character has entered the fight. Tommy Armour has a new model (#3 Align) that has great test results. Based on price, it is appears to be very much within consideration of the readers here.

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Should any one remember that during 2016 there were a number of postings about new putters to help your game. I have just received that newest report for my buddies at to read about the best click the link below…

2017 MySpyGolf Most Wanted Blade Putter

I can fully endorse the rating in this article as my bags currently contains a Evnroll ER-2 which has dropped my putts put round by 4 stroke. As backup for my little note here, my course Director of Golf has changed out to the same Evnroll putter whereupon he insists that he, “cannot miss inside 12′-0.”

Submit your experience and comments here to share with the world.

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2016 Most Wanted: Blades vs. Mallets

MyGolfSpy had done another good job updating the 2015 testing they did on putters. The integration of information for evaluation by every golfer has a good layout highlighted. Great data source. Below are the links to the best of both worlds of putting.

It should be noted that there are some great names are missing from the both lists. Therefore, Player must do some evaluation of the their individual putting style in addition to testing as many of those putters shown on the two lists before purchasing.

I have recently received one of those putter which are not listed in this report. EVNROLL, a company which follows the Rife plan, appear to have found a great model. The highlight to the line is a slightly heavier head and the incorporation of a purer roll technology. The battle at the top now have a greater number of models from various manufacturers for the consumers.

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Over the past weekend we saw the finish of the 2016 version of the US Open put on by the USGA and one of the outstanding clubs, Oakmont CC. This was another example of how the elite players of the world are tested under extreme conditions. Congratulations to Dustin Johnson for winning the tournament as well as all the player who made the first tee on Thursday (whether or not they made Sunday) and gave us a great show.

However, I would like to comment on the fiasco on Sunday which the USGA cause all by themselves. Read more »


The attached link is a very good source of information which one can use to research the basics for DIY (self learning) golfers. I trust the source as it is from the libary of Frank Thomas, Former USGA Director of Golf Equipment, and owner of Thomas Golf which is another place to find online equipment (i.e. Frankly Frog Putter, etc.)

Golf Info Guide

By linking to Frank’s website for review of his equip and the basic theory on golf you will find a good starting point in your golf equipment and instructional guide. I will continue to pass along information as I hear of topics and/or have discussed with people I meet with during my work week relating to which I think is interesting topics or aspects of the game.

If  you have any suggestions or would like for me to research comment on any topic for you please sign-up for the on-going blog and I will do what I can to help you find what you need. Thank you for your support and consideration.

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Simple Rules for Buying a Golf Putter

Here is a great message on Putters from Frank Thomas at Frankly Frog.  With Frank’s extensive knowledge obtained during his work with the USGA and since releasing the Frankly Frog (FYI: I am a proud owner of one), this article would be great reading for anyone searching for improvement in their game.

Buying a new golf putter…this article is a must read covering simple rules for buying a golf putter for all golfers beginner, intermediate or skilled. Understand more about putter technology and make a better buying decision….

Source: Simple Rules for Buying a Golf Putter

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New Putting Lesson: Finding The Right Line To The Hole

Due to the most critical importance of putting relative to one’s score (ususally 41-45%), I have always looked for articles that build the foundation of understanding for the process. Recently I received an article from David McKenzie, Golf State of Mind, that I think is a very good basic analysis of a critical part of the process that every player must understand as a baseline for improvement in his/her personal game.

Source: New Putting Lesson: Finding The Right Line To The Hole

Hopefully, you will find the information most helpful in establishing a plan to upgrade your physical game.

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GolfersRX Putting Wheel

Here is a very good training aid for those having putting problems. This short video and link, with related video, is a great physical aid for improving your stroke. Watch the video and see if this is not a good way to practice, check alignment and stroke patch.

Source: GolfersRX Putting Wheel

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