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Are Community Golf Courses being Targeted?

Thanks to Josh Sens at Golf on January 17th this year, we see an article that pointed out the pending assault on muni-golf courses as a waste of space. The assault starts with the introduction of a bill in the California state legislature (i.e. AB672) which intends to replace municipal golf courses with housing. See attached link for the full story from Golf’s staff.

California Golf Course Legislation

As a former government official wonder how this justification can be offset with the demand by government to assure that there is a significant amount of greenspace provided for the health and recreation of the community. In most cases the courses were established in the area of the city which was not suited for any other activity far from the then established developed areas. With the growth of the cities and the continued development more areas are needed for more people (i.e. a larger taxable base) and therefore the uses which some don’t like are at risk.

Locally in the Schertz, TX, area (my hometown) there is a private venture which is falling to the base concept of this proposed legislation. Here a course which I understand was one of the top ten destinations. The owner has walked away from the course and left it to fester as a community eyesore and a detriment to the homeowners who originally bought property here for the benefit of the course.

Therefore, I agree with the San Francisco Golf Alliance that each of the many municipal golf courses around this nation need to be protected and the various communities need to understand the there are people who support your non-golfing endeavors such as swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. in your local communities.

It is my hope that everyone who enjoys the game of golf to watch the actions of the local government which sometimes work against the efforts of the constituents to protect which was their choice of activity. It is also incumbent for these neighbors to also help with directing legislation which is more beneficial to all those in the community.

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UPDATE: 2020-05-29  With a little more exposure and practice, I have gotten a little better. I feel that my problem is more with the read than the equipment. I have however noticed that I am closer to the hole on the miss affected by distance. Recommendation is to stay with it and get a refresher course from your local PGA Pro on the mechanics.

Here is a review on the my recently received new AXIS1 ‘Joey” putter. I have been able to try the putter on the golf course and for a few drills at home and find that this is a very good product. I have tried about 6 different types of putter during my time playing the game and find this one the easiest to get used to.

For a good discussion you need to see the related video review by Justin Rose at

There are a number of sources out there with various prices. In my opinion, at this time for someone looking for a change due it is a good choice. I have a problem with the backswing wabbling and not getting the club face back to the ball with the center of the club face at the ball. With all the training I have received I find this club the easiest and more stable during the backswing. The lighter ‘Joey’ blade model fits my eye well and I have reasonable distance control. The biggest improvement in my putting with this equipment is getting the ball on line.

I would recommend this product but it is the owner’s choice in the various models available (don’t just get Justin’s because he is a pro) based on your preference in the style from a blade to a large mallet like Justin’s.

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Thanks to the guys at GolfWRX, here is another great article for golfers searching for their potential.

Unlocking Your Golf Potential

This is one of the better articles on the mysteries of the mind and how it functions. Especially for those of use who are still striving (i.e. 65-years later) for the ultimate in performance on the course. I recently experienced the great advise contained here by shooting a poor front nine of 48 and followed with a back nine of 36 (including a triple-bogey).

Follow the advise and you will find that golf is a much better game.

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