Is you Golf Bag designed for your needs?

Over the years I have found that the golf bag makers have built a number of very good and functional bags. There is not one manufacturer that I can think of which I haven’t seen or even sold and one time or another. However, I have a lingering problem which I have posed to several manufacturers, but, I have yet to get a response. My problem with golf bags is restricted to a very specific sector of the market (i.e. individual divided club bags) and this has nothing to do with the overall construction of the bags which are usually very good. It has to do with one singular picky part of a bag’s makeup. Why you may ask, well for myself, it has to do with being penalized at a tournament for having too many clubs in my bag. Please do not believe that I  place the blame of this calamity on anyone but myself.

However, here is the query I have made. “Why do bag makers have more than 14-holes (that usually is because of a separate tube for the putter) in their bag?”  The two attached photo are examples of a 14-way divided bag top only, however, it should be noted that there is a separate putter sleeve in the bag with the top on the right.

In my opinion, since I know that the rules only allow for 14 clubs in the bag I would not make a bag that advertises otherwise. Before anyone gets too bent out of shape, I know that if you have fewer holes (i.e. 4, 5 or 7-way dividers) in your bag you will be more apt to count the clubs. FYI: I now have a bag with 5-way dividers.

Golfers like to keep their clubs separated so a 14-way bag works well. Golfers also are known in their local games to carry “what-ever works” when it comes to clubs. On that account, I should be quiet and let the enjoyment of the game be the overall feedback of the day and not the picky issues with the number of holes in a golf bag. By the way, if given the opportunity I would be more than happy to play with either one of the two bags shown above.

Looking forward to your comments and statements and hopefully we support the Greatest Game Ever.


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