Ben Hogan PTx and FLi Iron

This link is a good resource for those people looking for more information on the new 2016 Ben Hogan equipment presentation. Having had the opportunity to test all these clubs, I was very impressed with the models I tested. My opinion is that those people loyal to Ben Hogan golf would find that these additions will fill the gaps missing and increase the competition with other OEM lines.

Every club which have shown up on this blog for consideration would be a good fit in most bags when considering updates and gap fills. Personally, I am adding several clubs to supplement my FW15 irons. Mix of designs would be great for completing a combination set giving decerning golfs great opportunity and getting the most from their game.

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Practicing without boundaries: How I rediscovered my short game

Here is a link to those of us who have good intentions to improve our game. This is linked from one of my friends and neighbors in the golf industry at GolfWRX. Published by Jon Sherman

Practicing without boundaries

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Discount on Golf Training Aids

Everyone is always looking for a great source for practice aids to improve their game. Here is my favorite you can use by clicking on the link below to connect to and receive a 10% discount on any training aid you order. GTA carries a full line of products from Tour Striker, Momentus, Medicus, Eyeline Golf, IZZO, SKLZ and more! Just click the link below to receive your discount and see one of the largest number and best source of Training Aids on the web.


Should you like to discuss and/or order by phone, then call Dane toll free at 800 FOR-GARY (800-467-4879) and use promo code #244984. What ever you need in training aids at one touch.

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Ben Hogan Golf – New Equip on old Principles

There are a great number of new golf equipment companies which make various claims. Some are valid and some are not. However, I believe that any serious golfer today should include the new BEN HOGAN COMPANY for consideration. They have managed to bring the principles of Mr. Hogan along with many new club design theories in their list of products for the coming year. Expansion of the line in 2016 includes a number of new models as well as a new hybrid.

If you are serious about new equipment, take the time and visit the site link below to get all the latest details on what I consider one of the better OEM lines in the business.

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Simple Rules for Buying a Golf Putter

Here is a great message on Putters from Frank Thomas at Frankly Frog.  With Frank’s extensive knowledge obtained during his work with the USGA and since releasing the Frankly Frog (FYI: I am a proud owner of one), this article would be great reading for anyone searching for improvement in their game.

Buying a new golf putter…this article is a must read covering simple rules for buying a golf putter for all golfers beginner, intermediate or skilled. Understand more about putter technology and make a better buying decision….

Source: Simple Rules for Buying a Golf Putter

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How Far Should You Hit Your Golf Clubs? | GolfWRX

It is now getting close to the opening of the 2016 golf season. All players should be looking to review their clubs, grips and yardages. Here is another reference for comparison relative to the distance you hit the golf ball from GolfWRX newsletter of August 22, 2015. The documents and graphs contained are truly a great reference for the average golfer.

One of the nice things about having all this new fancy technological equipment like Trackman, Flightscope, ShotLink, etc., at various PGA Tour events is that distance data can be gathered for each of the players. In case you haven’t come across it already, here are the approximate Trackman carry d…

Source: How Far Should You Hit Your Golf Clubs? | GolfWRX

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First Look – Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid

Regret the delay but getting to actually test these clubs was a real treat. As you may know I have a full set of the Hogan FW15 and TK15 irons and wedges and like most golfers would like to keep all clubs from a single manufacturer in my bag. That is not to say I do, but it would be nice. Currently non-iron clubs are a mixed bag.

Testing these at my club with senior staff from Ben Hogan on hand got me a good look at these clubs. Personally, I thought my swing is better suited to the Aldila shaft option (Stiff Flex) as the UST IRod F4 (Stiff) was much more “boardy” feeling. With the recent introduction of these this clubs I was curious if that could replace any of my existing equipment or be an option to the PTX 20* I was looking to add. I was most interested in my hybrid which is now 5-years old and I want some alternatives in club selection.

I was not surprise to see this new model which is in line with new development in the industry and carries Ben Hogan’s development ideas of the 1960’s. I do endorse this product and would encourage anyone to view this individualized upgrade to a more forgiving club.

Source: First Look – Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid

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MGS Labs: Conforming vs. Non-Conforming Grooves

For those friends who have missed the articles and are still concerned about their wedge play, I found a great article from my friends at MyGolfSpy.

Source: MGS Labs: Conforming vs. Non-Conforming Grooves

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This is a personal game tracker that I have used for the last year. The world’s first automatic shot tracking system for today’s golfer. The system has now be upgraded for use on your cell phone which adds an immediate feedback component & club selection GPS.


The system is a great value for the dollars spent. This is a great addition to your arsenal which attacking your favorite local course and providing information on how to improve your game.

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Clubmaker PXG Makes Big Splash Signing 8 New Players

The is the first story of significance for the year 2016. The fact that new equipment not seen before in the professional ranks with an established PGA Pro makes this exciting for all to follow. Read on and see what GOLF newsletter has to say about the newest match on tour.

KAPALUA, Hawaii (AP) — Bob Parsons conducts business to an extreme, and that now includes golf clubs. The people he hired to build his golf clubs have no limitations and no deadlines. Money is no object, either, and that better be the case for the consumers. Parsons, the billionaire founder of GoDaddy, is selling his PXG clubs at about $5,000 for the entire set.

Source: Clubmaker PXG Makes Big Splash Signing 8 New Players

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